Cali Jam 2017 Tentative Playlist

Hey LDF!!  Here is our tentative list of songs for Cali Jam 2017 which has been compiled from your song requests thus far.  Please note this is over 13 hours of music.  There are 10 instructors, and we expect another 1-2 hours of workshop music.  That might total 15 hours of music.

We will make every effort to play all music, but we will prioritize what is played.  We will play ALL workshop dances.  On the list, we will emphasize easy-to-learn dances marked in yellow, and we may cut some of the dances to long songs short in order to allow for more dances to be enjoyed.  This is our 4th Cali Jam and we are attempting to follow what you have asked us for according to your responses on our Past Event Surveys.  We are looking forward to a great, great time for all and we hope that you are encouraged by our committee’s hard work.  Thanks!!

Click the following link to download playlist as an Excel file.

CaliJam 2017 Playlist

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CaliJam 2017 Playlist